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Free Email Services that Don't ask for Phone Verification?
about 2 years ago

Everyone is dependent on emails these days, so in order to safeguard us from spam and hackers the company has set certain protocols wherein mentioning phone numbers is a must . Now it's not like every company or big brand asks for the same . Since exceptions are always there so there are free emails that don't require a phone number at all. This is solely done for the security point of view. And the companies keep track of the privacy of the client so everything is safe .


Beneath I will be listing out name of such big companies  where email without verification is no big deal :


1.MAIL.COM is one such example. Simply by mentioning your email address along with your vitals and security questions you can open an account in a span of a few minutes. Just make sure you don’t attach heavy loaded files and so far, it has been users favourite as it is fuss free.


2.TUTANOTA is another such name and no doubt it is regarded as a good email service ; the best part is it offers tough security against hackers and spam along with no advertisement to display in between . 


3.GMX MAIL is another name in the list and it cannot be missed. Totally reliable and operational since 1997 . There is no storage restriction . But there is a change as while registering into the service you will have to mention an alternative email account . 


This was a basic insight on free emails that doesn’t require a phone number apart from that mentioning phone numbers is actually good from a security point of view . So it is always advisable to use an email service that offers you optimum security from hackers and spam and it's just a matter of a 10 digit number perhaps make sure you choose the service accordingly.


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