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How Do I Fix SBCGLOBAL Email Problems Issues?
almost 2 years ago

SBCGLOBAL is an online domain that generates free email services for AT&T users. But since SBCGlobal has been merged with yahoo it has created a lot of issues for the users. SBCGlobal users are facing Sbcglobal email login issues. Problems count in sbcglobal signing in issues, as well as users losing their access to email via phone, android and iOS.


If you are also going through the issues regarding Sbcglobal login then this article is structured to fix your issue with the “My SBCGlobal email is not working” problem.


Reasons why SBCGlobal not Working

  1. Entered wrong credentials like password and username.
  2. Weak internet connection
  3. A third-party app such as an antivirus program running along procedure creating an obstacle
  4. Sbcglobal mail settings are not done properly.

How to Fix the Sbcglobal Email Problem

  1. Check internet connection

Slow and weak internet can be a major reason behind the sbcglobal email issues. Make sure you are connected with a properly working internet connection.

  1. Reset email password
  • Visit the AT&T password resetting page
  • fill in your name and email address with the given Captcha
  • From the select option, chose the recovery option
  • After choosing the method, click on it
  • Once you have done, wait for a while until your account is verified 
  • As it’s done, you will be given the option to reset your password.

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